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4x cycling routes along castles in Limburg

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022

Forget the Loire… Come and cycle past castles in Limburg!

In Limburg you will find so many castles that you almost start to believe in fairy tales again. One castle is even more beautiful than the other. They trump each other with moats, medieval courtyards, castle gardens, battlements, cannons and romantic turrets. Various castle routes for cycling take you past the most beautiful castles in Limburg. Leave the Loire behind for a while and come cycling in Limburg! Limburg is blessed with a high density of castles from top to bottom.

Castles are often a bit apart because of the lands that belonged to them. If you want to see several castles at once, following a castle route by bike is the ideal way to see as many as possible. Pedaling through the beautiful Limburgse Land and meanwhile taking a noble lunch break at some castles in one of the castle restaurants. The following castle routes show you the way from castle to castle.

Castle in the Land of Kessel

Cycle route Castles in the Land of Kessel

Start: Kessel, 32 kilometers

This cycle route follows the Maas for a large part. Just like along the Loire, the Meuse also has its pearl necklace of castles. You start in Kessel, cycle north along the Maas and turn south after Baarlo to enjoy a bike ride through forests and beautiful views over the Maas. In the meantime, you will pass at least five gems of castles…

Castle Valkenburg aan de Geul

Cycling route Castle route Valkenburg aan de Geul

Start: Valkenburg aan de Geul, 49 kilometers (tough)

South Limburg has the highest density of castles in our country, but between the rolling hills you have to make the effort to discover all those beautiful castles. Prepare yourself for some calf-biters or charge your e-bike for one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Limburg. You will come across some of the most beautiful castles in Limburg, such as Castle Schaloen, Kasteel Oost and Buitenplaats Kasteel Wijlre. Take a break in the gardens, treat yourself to a coffee break or enjoy the art on display.

Castle Parkstad

Bicycle route Castles route Parkstad Limburg

Start: Hoensbroek, 36.6 kilometers

You may have urban associations with Parkstad, but there are many castles that are worth a visit, both inside and outside the buildings. This cycling route starts at the absolute highlight: Hoensbroek Castle. This is one of the largest, most beautiful and best preserved castles in the Netherlands. Please allow some time for your visit before getting on your bike. You don't want to miss the castles that follow. Most are located in an enchanting green environment.

Castle Horn

Van Horne Castle Cycle Route

Start: Haelen, 40 kilometers

This cycling route starts in Haelen, during the route you will pass various castles, landscapes and monuments. The Van Horne route owes its name to the noble Van Horne family. The beheading of the most famous member of the Van Horne family, Philips van Horne, indirectly started the Eighty Years' War. At the castles along the route you can scan a QR code to get more information.


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