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The best things to do outdoors with kids in Limburg

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022

The best things to do outdoors with kids in Limburg

Do your kids love being outdoors? Then you’re in luck, because there are plenty of fun things for them to do in south, central and north Limburg. To help you choose, we’ve already searched out the best outings for children in Limburg.

Water at Fun Valley

Spend a day at the beach in Maastricht

Enjoy a one-day holiday whenever you like just outside Maastricht. Fun Valley Maastricht offers 230,000 square metres of fun for kids, with games, swimming, adventures and tasty treats. Hang out on the beach, tackle an obstacle course, flee an escape room, or play a life-sized table football game. These are just a few of the many exciting activities your kids will love, especially if they enjoy the outdoors.

A monkey eating

Spot wild animals in Kerkrade

Children often think of animals as their best friends and just adore visiting their pals at the zoo. Take them to GaiaZOO in Kerkrade (south Limburg) for a glimpse of lions, rhinos, monkeys, giraffes and zebras. Besides visiting the animals, they can also romp around in the Dino Dome. A day out with little kids at GaiaZOO is a barrel of monkeys!

Girl at Klimbos Weert

Climb trees in Weert

This is perhaps the most popular tree-top climbing park in Limburg, judging by all the rave reviews. Klimbos Weert (central Limburg) has 4 climbing routes. If you’re worried about safety, don’t be: you’ll be secured the entire time. It may not be the ideal destination for your littlest ones, but older kids will burn off all their energy clambering around. Klimbos Weert is sustainably built and located in the IJzeren Man nature reserve, one of the greenest regions in Europe.

Water at the Schutterspark

Old-fashioned fun in Brunssum

What does Brunssum have for kids? Plenty! The south Limburg town is home to Schutters Park, a green and lovely setting with several large ponds and loads of fun outdoor activities. Your children will love steering their own boat out of the Mini Harbour (under supervision if necessary). They’ll also have a grand time building sandcastles or sliding and clambering in the playground while you enjoy a slice of vlaai and a cup of coffee. Old-fashioned? Absolutely –good old-fashioned fun!

Minigolf at Monte Nova

Mini golf Monte Nova

Fancy a competition? Trying to get the best score yourself? Then this outing is definitely for you! This mini golf course has 18 holes and is suitable for young and old. At the end of the 18th hole, you'll find out who won. In addition to the mini golf, you also have a beautiful view over the whole of Maastricht, because the mini golf course is located on the Sint Pietersberg.

Fun Beach Panheel

Fun Beach Panheel

Fun Beach Panheel is a unique recreation park in the middle of Limburg. At Fun Beach Panheel you will experience the perfect day out. There is something for everyone due to the wide range. You can go to the aqua park, play a game of beach volleyball, flyboarding or play summer ice hockey. The best outing for the summer days. The recreation park is also suitable for staff outings and other large groups.