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Trailruns in Limburg: 5 routes who will challenge you

Gepubliceerd op: 20 June 2023

Trailruns in Limburg: 5 routes die je uitdagen

Are you an avid trail runner? Nice! There are plenty of opportunities for trail running in Limburg. Both in real competitions and on your own initiative. But where are the beautiful and challenging routes? Which places can you go to? We have therefore selected 5 trail run routes for you!

Trailrunning Brunsummerheide

1. Trailrun Brunsummerheide

The Brunssummerheide (South Limburg) is ideal for trail running. This vast nature reserve between Brunssum, Heerlen and Landgraaf is 1800 hectares in size and alternates heathland with deciduous and coniferous forests. The trail run route of Natuurmonumenten is 10.9 kilometers long. There are two small climbs, which you have to push for. But the landscape also slopes along the way. From low-lying stream valleys to the slightly higher-lying heathlands: this route across the Brunssummerheide never gets boring. The route is free and can be walked all year round.

Trailrunning Epen

2. Trail Epen

On this trail you will discover the surroundings of Epen and the adjacent Belgian border area. On a route of 12.5 kilometers with an average degree of difficulty, you cross the border into the Belgian Voer region. From the Beusdalbos and the Bovenste Bos you look down on small villages such as Remersdaal and Teuven. The course goes up and down, but ignores the toughest slopes. You can walk the trail in and around Epen all year round.

Trailrunning Dutch Mountain

3. The Dutch Mountaintrail

The Dutch Mountain Trail is a rugged trail of over 100 kilometers that connects 7 mountain peaks. The trail is divided into 5 stages. Of course, this trail avoids paved roads as much as possible and is therefore even a challenge for every experienced hiker or trail runner. One of the stages continues to Maastricht. Along the way you conquer the Observant and walk through the impressive ENCI quarry.

Trailrunning in the Meinweg

4. The Herkenbosch trail

The Herkenbosch trail runs in the Meinweg National Park. There are different distances to walk. You walk through an ancient forest with a terraced landscape. A nice challenge for a trail runner to walk the three different terraces. The difference is about 50 meters. If you're an early runner, you might even come face to face with one of the area's local forest dwellers: The Wild Boar.

5. North Limburg

In North Limburg you can indulge yourself in trail running with various routes through, for example, the Mookerhei, Mook & Middelaar and the Plasmolen. In less than two hours you cross four different landscapes.

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