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Themed cycling routes in Limburg: varied, scenic and fascinating

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022

Themed cycling routes in Limburg: varied, scenic and fascinating

Hop on your bike and experience in Limburg in all its variety. Every route is different and reveals another side of its scenic beauty, culture, history or gastronomy. We’ve tracked down 5 themed cycling routes that highlight the multifaceted nature of Limburg. Whether you’re into food or history, you’ll find the best of Limburg when you cycle these 5 themed routes!

Landscape Belgica route

1. Explore south Limburg’s Roman past on the Via Belgica

Obelix was wrong: the Romans were anything but crazy.} In fact, they were the first people in history to build roads on a massive scale, including in what we now call south Limburg. Their Via Belgica ran from Maastricht to the present German border. Although the road itself has disappeared, this themed cycling route (59 kilometres in length) takes you through charming towns and villages and idyllic countryside. Discover remnants of the Roman era and get to know more about this fascinating episode of Limburg’s history.

Would you like more information? Check the south Limburg tourist website.


2. Taste ‘White Gold’ in north Limburg

Asparagus is big business in north Limburg. Referred to as ‘White Gold’, it is cultivated on a massive scale here. And nowhere is it more important than in Grubbenvorst, known as the Asparagus Village. Cycling and gastronomy go hand-in-hand here! This 37-kilometre themed cycling route begins and ends in Grubbenvorst but also takes in tourist destination Arcen, with countless places to stop for a bite to eat. You’ll also explore the dunes of Maasduinen National Park and Velden, once known as the Netherlands’ ‘greenest village’.

Find out more about this route on the website Visit Noord-Limburg.

Young family cycling and enjoying the landscape

3. Have an adventure on the Park Gravenrode Route (south Limburg)

Kerkrade? The old mining town? Is there really anything interesting to do there? Of course there is! Kerkrade is bursting with visitor attractions, including a zoo, a family amusement park, a discovery museum and much more! Explore them all on the Park Gravenrode Route. Not only is the scenery lovely, but the route is also nice and short, giving you plenty of time to stop at one or more visitor attractions.

Interested in the Park Gravenrode Route? Here’s the route information.

Liberation route

4. Follow the Liberation Cycle Route (central Limburg)


The Liberation Route links important European milestones of the Second World War. In Limburg, it starts in the south and runs north. This themed cycling route is about midway along Limburg’s Liberation Route. It is 49.62 kilometres in length and starts and ends in Roermond. There are route markers along the way (attached to boulders) where you can read about or listen to an account of an important war-time event. You will also pass the Roer Triangle Museum in Montfort, dedicated exclusively to the Second World War.

Click here for precise directions for the Limburg Liberation Cycle Route.

Woods in Venlo

5. Castles and mills in north Limburg

You’ll cycle through charming little villages and scenic countryside on this 55-kilometre route through north Limburg. But the real eyecatchers are the historic buildings set exquisitely in the landscape. There is De Borcht Castle, in Baarlo, and Kasteelmolen, a castle with a mill, along the small stream known as Kwistbeek. Bask in the splendid silence of Breukerheide moor, and listen to the wind rustling the leaves in Heldense Woods. The ferry across the Maas will take you straight back to the pleasant hustle and bustle of Venlo.

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