Waterfun at the Maasplassen

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From water skiing to sailing: Here are 7 fun things to do on the Maasplassen lakes

Gepubliceerd op: 17 October 2022

From water skiing to sailing: Here are 7 fun things to do on the Maasplassen lakes

The interconnected lakes of the Maasplassen form the biggest playground for water sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands. But what else is there to do there? Plenty, even if you’re not the sporty type. From swimming to sailing and from scuba diving to simply lounging, here are 7 fun things to do in the Maasplassen lake district.


1. Take a ferry

Planning to go cycling along the Maasplassen lakes? Don’t stop at the water’s edge – take a ferry to the other side. Ferries operate at numerous spots along the Maasplassen from April to October. Hop on board at Ool, Ohé en Laak, Neer, Kessel or Thorn, for example, and explore the best cycling routes along the Maasplassen lakes.

exploring The Maasplassen

2. Rent a sloop or boat

Do you enjoy being at the helm of your own boat and charting a course across the Maasplassen? Then rent a sloop or motorboat from one of many rental companies along the lakes. Tourist Information for central Limburg (VVV Midden-Limburg) has put together a list for you. If you prefer a more energetic passage across the Maasplassen, then hire a canoe instead. The Maasplassen lake district is a splendid base for exploring the northern and southern stretches of the river Maas. The lakes are located more or less in the middle of the province. Go south and you can explore the Dutch-Belgian border and Maastricht; head north and you come to Venlo and the Maas dunes. But even if you’d rather not venture too far, there’s plenty to do on the Maasplassen lakes.

Beach Area-x

3. Spend a day on the beach

Are your children begging to go to the beach? Or are you longing for a quiet day of sunbathing? With so many beaches dotted along the Maasplassen, you can do both. Stevensweert Beach is an ideal spot for babies and toddlers to play safely and quietly. AreaX and Fun Beach Panheel are terrific for older children exploding with energy.


4. Go sailing

Learn to sail or rent a sailboat at Frissen sailing school in Roermond. Children as young as 7 are welcome there, and the school also offers 3-day sailing courses. Whether or not you have a sailing licence, you can easily rent a sailboat or a sloop and explore every nook and cranny of the Maasplassen.


5. Go water skiing (or wakeboarding, or …)

We mentioned above that the interconnected lakes of the Maasplassen are the biggest playground for water sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands. Every imaginable type of water sport is possible here, from water skiing to wakeboarding, jet skiing and flyboarding – even surfing. AreaX and Fun Beach are the go-to destinations.

Diver Boschmolenplas

6. Go scuba diving

There’s no need to travel to the ends of the earth to go scuba diving when you have the Maasplassen right round the corner. Duiklocatie Boschmolenplas in Heel is ideal for scuba diving. Exquisite aquatic wildlife awaits you beneath the surface. The water is expertly filtered and clear as crystal, with good visibility as a result. You’ll have a clear view of objects that you can dive to on the bottom, for example.

Fishing on a boat

7. Go fishing

If you prefer a less strenuous form of exercise, then the Maasplassen are naturally also ideal for angling. You can basically set up your fishing rod anywhere along the lakes, as long as you have the VISpas angling licence. The licence allows you to cast a line whenever you like. If you’re a one-off angler, then purchase a one-week licence.